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Proudly Canadians with a global vision.

KeepRoaming is worldwide provider of data for travellers and IoT solutions for business, with a 100% focus on data, global reach and a firm commitment to innovation which can help you accelerate time to market and build success into every step of the IoT lifecycle.

We are the right partner of choice when you’re ready to deploy, manage and scale your products, services and applications.

Global Travel

Our vast network of global coverage flexible plans gives you the power to choose the right carriers and technologies in your visiting countries.


Maximize network uptime and ensure uninterrupted communications with a powerful wireless WAN solution & backup internet connection that’s always ready for business.


Install one SIM, one time and enjoy coverage from anywhere with connectivity that lasts the entire lifecycle when you choose one of our data plans.

Bringing IoT on One Platform.

We provide regional and global coverage data plans that are managed under a single platform, a variety of hardware and device options that work well together, and the expertise it takes to make complex IoT solutions easy to manage and use.

Global Connectivity Coverage

KeepRoaming provides multi-technology, multi-carrier, global connectivity no matter where your devices are located or travel or how they communicate.

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