Temporary Business Internet

Router Included

Flexible Plans

Flexible high-speed 4G/LTE, short or long term plans, equipment rental fee included at checkout. Prepay for the data you need, no overage or roaming charges.


Reload or Subscribe

Prepaid or subscription: easily reload data plans before the end of the paid period. The data package will be extended for other 30 days or subscribe for a convenient automatic renewal.


Cancel at Anytime

Cancel your automatic subscription at anytime before the period expiring date, no charges or hidden fees. The SIM card may be reactivated if reloaded within 30 days from cancellation.

Temporary Internet Solutions

Need 4G Internet connectivity for home-office or business? We can help with a powerful temporary Internet solution (for up to 64 devices), via cellular coverage.
Flexible monthly plans with a Plug & Play devices. No installation required.

Our hardware can be used for VoiP telephony, cameras and alarm systems, POS equipment  and backup Internet.

Rent a 4G router and Internet connectivity for as long as you need.

With our pre-configured routers, installation has never been easier. The router only needs to be powered, and it will connect to a 4G LTE network so you can go online without wires.

Plans and Pricing

The best cell coverage for Internet in the USA, Canada and Mexico. We also supply SIMs/equipment for Europe and 100+ countries worldwide.
Our SIM cards connect to one or multiple nationwide networks in Canada, Mexico and United States .

* 4G/5G LTE speed may be available on selected networks only.

** For countries not shown above, contact us for a quote.


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